Why the V-Rod was the most significant motorcycle in 40 years.

Very interesting blog about the V-Rod. We have to agree that the engine is Mind-blowingly fast with gobs of power. You should hear the sound coming out of that thing when we install our pipes on it, and the power gains are INSANE!!!

Eric R. Shelton

I’ve written about my “Harley hating” in the past. But for anyone who’s paid attention, it’s frustration because I want to love Harley-Davidson so much. Those you care for most can hurt you the worst, right? But here I’m going to go on record as saying the V-Rod is the most important and significant bike, possibly from any manufacturer but certainly from H-D, since the 1957 Sportster.

Design. This occurred to me as I was watching a show about future houses on the Discovery Channel. The most innovative thing wasn’t the materials used so much as the designs themselves. One house eliminated dead space like hallways by having the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom in a chamber that rotated in and out of the living area like Man-E-Faces. Other houses eliminated the need for a/c or heating or electrical lights during the day because of the way the structure’s…

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