Harley Davidson Night Rod 2012

Pretty cool bike

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Pitch black and sinister as hell, the Night Rod Special model is aggressively styled from the front end to the back. Engine, wheels, forks, triple clamps, swingarm—they’re all blacked out and thick with uncompromising, drag strip attitude.

All the exclusive parts, processes, people, and inspiration that make it easy to build your custom of one. Join the revolution in custom bike-building, only from H-D.

Harley-Davidson’s Chief Styling Officer, Willie G. Davidson, asked for a frame so beautiful it could sit in a museum.  And that’s exactly what the Harley-Davidson team of engineers created.  Using an innovative process called hydroforming, they were able to form unconventional angles and apply fewer welds by bending and shaping metal pipes with high-pressure water.  The result: a sturdy chassis with improved rigidity.  To date, The Motor Company is the only major motorcycle manufacturer to use hydroforming to construct frames.

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